Transform your mindset and resolve inner conflicts to reach your true potential

Participate in professionally run, interactive and on-demand workshops to help you develop the socio-emotional skills you need to transform the challenges you face into stepping stones.


of participants report feeling more in control of their lives after attending Empower Aces individual or adult group sessions
Conflict Transformation methodology

What is Conflict Transformation?

As per Conflict Transformation Methodology, conflicts are opportunities. They are neither good nor bad - the choices we make when faced with the conflict, make the situation positive or negative
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What we do

Benefits of working with us

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors have designed the most transformational paths for you

Practical approach

Our workshops are designed to provide skills in a hands-on practical manner with a focus on developing a problem solving approach.

360 application

These life skills can be applied through out life, in your personal relationships, while competing and in the workforce.

Globally accessible

Our workshops are available via on demand and live interactive sessions no matter what time zone you are in.

Customized Solutions

Our workshops and solutions are designed for a wide range of participants from adults to children as young as 8 years.

Featured Workshops

Our workshops are designed to suit individuals of varying needs and age groups

What our participants say about us...

"Sana (from Empower Aces) gave our Blakelock High School's Parent Council an excellent short session on 'helping teens manage anger constructively'. Her years of youth development training were obvious as she was able to clarify why we need to teach kids how to express anger. I would highly recommend her to parent councils and groups looking for a speaker that can help mobilize positive changes in our youth. "
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KIMBERLY ELFORD  - physician &  parent council co-chair
corporate training

Human Capital Transformation

95% of participants state that conflict resolution training helped them navigate workplace conflict positively and seek mutually beneficial outcomes
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athlete training

Athletic Performance Optimization

85% of our Professional Athletes saw an improvement in performance and wellbeing after working with Empower Aces Coaches
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Get Closer To Your Goals

Everyone has the capacity, the potential to be an Ace at something - but at times,  life's circumstances, the environment around us or our narratives restrict us from reaching our true potential.

We are here to help you reach your full potential as partners in this journey. We've got your back! Online, Offline and On Demand 
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