Conflict Transformation (CT): An Overview

Conflict Transformation (CT) is the art and science of viewing conflict as an opportunity. It is the process through which we accept conflict as a natural part of life and not something to be avoided. It views conflict as an opportunity for change and allows us to transform the conflict through positive constructive change.

CT in Sports: Fueling Performance

Empower Aces' CT in Sports methodology takes a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging key learnings from Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology combined with deep analytics and the applied learnings from professional and high performance sports to optimize performance.

Team Sports : Team sports involve close collaboration and cooperation between team members and intense competition versus the opposing team. Having a set of highly talented and skilled individuals requires dealing with people from different backgrounds, varying perspectives as well as different points of views and opinions. The ability to get a team to function cohesively and at its optimum requires awesome conflict transformation skills by the athletes and the supporting ecosystem - ensuring that the focus stays on the team performance and all team dynamics cater to that end in mind.

Individual Sports: The strong currents of internal conflict in an athlete's mind can severely impact performance on court and the athlete's well-being off-court. For an athlete competing in an individual sport, the luxury to fall back on a team does not exist. Individual sports keep the athlete extremely honest and also add a lot of stress on them.

Athletes experiencing internal and external conflict both on and off the court can benefit tremendously from mastery and application of CT skills both in their daily lives and in competition, enabling them to thrive (and not just survive) in competition.

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